Friday 25 September 2015

Blind Date !

I am so excited to be finally introducing the BLIND DATE @ 'The Square Inch' ! An idea that has been long brewing at the back of my head. this sort !

Oops...not this sort either !

A blind date with other sewing enthusiasts over some fun learning and a pot luck . Now is that interesting or what?!

So who's ready for BLIND DATE FRIDAY this October 9th at The Square Inch with fellow sewists? Admission fee - Rs.500 plus one pot luck dish for lunch. You get to learn a surprise fun technique and play on the BERNINAs. Time - 1030 to 1500 hrs. List of items to be carried will be mailed to confirmed participants. To register, write to

I can promise you one hell of a day ! Until then, stay awesome !


  1. all the best with the blind date, tina.

  2. all the best with the blind date, tina.

  3. Wow, that's a great event! We event don't know with who we'll meet on the blind date! Success for you, my friend.