Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Nice curves !

Ok, so here I am, in the middle of sewing my daughter's school uniforms, for school reopening is just a day away...and out of nowhere comes this searing flash of inspiration..for the June challenge of our group Desi Quilters, the rules of which are - Make a quilted item, any size, using ONLY squares. So, I sew and sew (the inspiration, not the uniform) and finish my entry for the challenge. Tada !!


I know what you are thinking, but believe me they are all squares, only squares and nothing but squares. Yes, including the backing and the batting. :-)

Remember the 'Totally Dotty' quilt I'd made sometime back? And the lovely backing it had? Well, I had a bit left over...

I cut out the huge dots with the intention of quartering them. To my horror, I found the print was far from perfect and the dots were elliptical rather than perfect circles. Still, managed to somehow square them and chop them in quarters.

And what do I have? Why, tiny li'l fake drunkard's path blocks! Clever, huh?

Then I count the number of li'l squares I have and decide to go with a 5x10 arrangement. (Yes, I do have a tendency for doing things in the wrong order.) This is where one can have the most fun, 'coz the possibities are endless. The squares can be flipped in four different directions to give four different effects. The possible  permutations and combinations are mind-boggling. Not that I give my mind that much stress. Nope. I just go ahead with the very first arrangement that strikes my head!

Now for the backing and batting. The rules of the challenge are very clear. ONLY squares. So I construct the backing and batting by piecing up two biggish squares of each. Now how does one do a binding with squares?? Not one to stress my head too much, I do away with that headache altogether. Keeping the right sides of the top and backing together and then the batting on top, I stitch all around my fakey, leaving just enough gap to turn it inside out.

Its a breeze once I pull it inside out. One more line of stitches all around and some quilting lines following the fake draunkard's path and my June challenge is done.

Nice curves someone said! Bwahahahaha !!