Wednesday, 20 November 2013

WIP Wednesday - Drunk Geese

Writing this post with the very specific intention of linking up with WIP Wednesday at 'Freshly Pieced'. Can't help it. The Universe conspires so. Three things. One, I have a fresh WIP. Two, today is Wednesday. Three, I decide to restart reading blogs after a gap of nearly 6 months, and the first one on my Reader is Lee's WIP Wednesday at 'Freshly Pieced'. Can't just be coincidence right? So, bowing to forces greater than I, here's my Work-in-Progress.

Had some orphan Flying Geese Blocks and some experimental (Faux) Drunkards Path Blocks lying around. Fooled around with them a bit.

Settled on this version and quickly sewed it up..

Its a nice 40"x40" and will be perfect for a brand new nephew who's just arrived. Off to choose the backing.

Happy quilting folks !

Oh but first I need to link up :-)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced