Thursday, 31 January 2013

Rainbows for my Sis

Another linky party over at Chumkie's blog, My Favourite Things and I dig up yet another of my pre-blog quilts. This week's theme is 'Bargello Quilts' and though this quilt is a very basic Bargello version, its the only one I have. Made it in Jan 2011 for my sister. ENTIRELY from stash ! And I wasn't even INTO quilting then !!

Its called 'Rainbows for my Sis' and is not just a quilt but also all my wishes and prayers for her.

Monday, 21 January 2013


Bless dear ol' Chumkie who blogs at 'My Favourite Things' for holding a linky party.Thanks to her, I am finally moving my butt ass lazy self and getting around to documenting some of my older quilts. This weeks theme of the linky party is 'Baby Quilts' and this sweet li'l pink & white quilt called 'Sweetheart' (made in April 2011) finally gets to see the light of day this side of the blogosphere.

It was whipped up in an afternoon for a friend's newborn daughter. Nothing like a 9 patch alternated with plain blocks to quickly put together a baby quilt. Some more quick embellishment with some hearts and bows of two-tone satin ribbon..

Quilted in the ditch by machine and some hand-quilting around the hearts and bows..

Some cute photographs to someday  document the quilt..

And all bundled with love to be sent off to the li'l sweetheart..

Linking this up with Chumkie's linky party, who by the way is not old.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

I am a Slasher !

Sometimes Life has this horrid habit of slipping a lemon or two in a lovely box of chocolates. Just when you are heady with the taste of something so sinfully yummy and are enjoying it in all its gooeyness and mush, you bite into this wedge of bitter sour lemon and all your senses are thrown out of gear with a mighty jolt ! You are angry, you are hurt and you want to kill someone. Don't. Kill, that is. Slash.

I got a lemon slipped to me yesterday. Or was it two? They say hold your words when you are hurt or angry, for words are like arrows and can't be retrieved to the quiver once shot. So I decided to put my arrows aside and get slashing instead !!

As part of the fun QALs on Desi Quilters, Vanita is doing a Faux Chenille QAL and I thought it was just the thing for my mood right then. There is nothing more meditative than sewing rows and rows (and rows and rows) of parallel lines. It soothes your nerves and helps sort out the things that matter from the garbage in your head. With every line, you sew down whats important in your life..

 ..and then you get out the blades !! Slash ! Slash ! Slash ! Slash away at all the hurt and the anger....

....and voila, you have back your calm mind and a lovely bit of Chenille to boot !

So, go ahead and slash people ! No, no, I mean, go ahead, and slash, people ! It has enormous therapeutic side benefits :-)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Flower Power

Sometimes things just fall in place. When the time's right, everything just sorta comes together by itself. I've been wanting to document my pre-blog quilts for a really long time but havent done so coz..well, I really have no good reason, actually. Does 'laziness' qualify? :-)

So my good friend Chumkie is holding a linky party over at her blog, My favourite things and this week's theme is 'Appliqued quilts' and I think, hey, finally the time's right to document this piece I made (in October 2011)  for a friend's fiesty 9 year old daughter...a quilt with flower power..

The 12 freehand flower motifs were first appliqued onto these huge circles (dunno what I was thinking!) which were then appliqued on to the pieced maroon background (again, dunno what I was thinking !!). To reduce bulk, the circle backs were cut out. Turns out I wasn't thinking very much as I decided to hand quilt the thing !!

Some laborious hand quilting along the stripes in the background fabric, some embellishment with two-tone ric-rac lace..


..and all bundled with love and sent off to princess Anaga.

Linking this up Chumkie. Thanks for helping things fall in place :-)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Birds of a feather

How to get two birds with one stone?  Easy. Go where birds of a feather flock together. Like here. Like this. With ONE post, I shall document this quilt that I made for a Wholecloth Quilt Challenge on my very active and very inspiring group Desi Quilters ..AND ..I shall link this up with my DQ friend Chumkie's Two color linky party on her blog 'My favourite things'. Ha ha, one shot, two birds!

This is a one piece wholecloth quilt with an interesting bird print. I outlined the birds, about 300 of them, with Free Motion Quilting (FMQ), once along the top of each bird and echoed twice around the bottom.

 Though with the lime green backing and the multi-coloured binding, I'm not so sure if it qualifies for the Two-Color linky party ?!

Oh well, Chumkie, do let me know. Meanwhile I shall go talk about the weather.