Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Hello Quilt

This must be the fastest quilt that I've ever made. 2 days flat !! (Did I say 'fastest quilt'? What did the quilt even do?!) And the easiest. Piece strips, slice, add a vertical panel and done !

I've broken all speed records..I even uploaded and blogged about it ! All under 2 days ! I need to celebrate !! :-)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

My Own Cathedral Windows

Cathedral Windows, whether in churches or quilts, are to be admired from afar. With respect and awe. Daunted. Dwarfed. Until a kind soul comes along and thrown open the vistas (ha ha) and lays bare the mysteries and secrets of their construction, breaking them down into shards that you can grasp.

Long story short, Chumkie, the kind soul, led a QAL for Desi Quilters on Cathedral Windows. With clear instructions, she taught us, the uninitiated, not one, but three methods of constructing them.

The first was the Orange Peel Method:

This was also my entry to the July'12 Challenge on Desi Quilters which required us to make a quilted item in monochromatic colours. Though it looks funny in the pics, I swear its all green. Ish.

The second was the One seam flying geese method. Here's what I made for my sewing room...

..and thats all the batting waiting to be despatched to members of  'Desi Quilters'..

..and here appears Max claiming yet another quilt as his own !

The third was the traditional method of making Cathedral Windows and thanks to Chumkie's QAL, I am forever exorcised of my fear of them.

Linking this up with Chumkie's Linky Party over at her blog, 'My Favourite Things'

May the tribe of the windows multiply! Amen !