Saturday, 10 November 2012


Oi, here's a quilt that I made about 9 months back but forgot (?) to document and blabber blog about (!!).Its called 'Lanterns' and was made for my 15 year old daughter's friend, also 15. Its a simple quilt, with very simple snowball blocks and came together very quickly. 

The backing is pieced with leftovers of the lantern fabrics.

And since I am forbidden from sharing the story behind the quilt by my daughter, I shall share some 'before' and 'after' moments instead..:-)..


This is the beautiful kitchen of my lovely friend Sabine. Its where I go when I need a good shoulder over tea, a good laugh over wine, a good machine when mine betrays me. Over tea OR wine. I'm not picky.

During :

Yep, thats the lovely lady on the left and me on the right slapping on some binding. 

We lit a bonfire in a broken recycled flowerpot on the terrace (Sabine, don't kill me!) and had some tea by the makeshift fireplace. Or was it wine? The tea makes it hard to remember. 

After after:

Ah ok, it WAS wine. See, thats why we need to document stuff.

Cheers !!


  1. So pretty and girly! The wine looks good too!!

  2. I'm with Patti, but ou av to tell the story, even if it's off blog!

  3. love love love all the quilts of love :))