Monday, 11 March 2013

Mug rugs/Hot pads

Mug Rugs are excellent for trying out new techniques. The small size makes the project quick and gratifying minus feelings of agony or overwhelmedness (Is that even a word?). Best part is, once you are done with picking up a new skill/technique, the finished pieces make excellent gifts - small enough to be mailed off and yet representative of the love you have put in in every stitch. I add a loop on one end so the giftee (?) can use it as she/he wishes - as a mug rud or a pot holder or a hot pad or even wall art :-).

My shot at some freehand crayons and thread painting

A couple of stained glassy ones

Something I tried from a youtube tute. And forgot to turn the pic around.

Some reverse applique. Also how-to-turn-a-rose-into-a-giant-raffelesia.

Linking this up with Chumkie's linky party on her blog, 'My favourite Things'.


  1. All these look lovely! And, as you say, a very versatile gift :)

  2. Love your mug rugs & pot holders, Tina. Thanks for linking in this week.
    My Favourite Things

  3. I haven't had much chance to read blogs for a few weeks, and have just spent a lovely 10 minutes with you, catching up! I too make mug rugs to try new ideas and then post them to my daughter so she gets nice post at university! I tack paper onto the back and stick the stamp and address onto that, no envelope!! I love the cathedral window tops, really super colours x