Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Urban Hands - Finally !

 Its exactly 2 months to the day since I last made a blog entry. I see bloggers all around apologizing for their spells of inactivity. Never understood why. Why does one feel obliged to apologize for not having updated a blog? A blog is for the self. You feel you want to write, you write. If you don't, you don't. I didn't for some time, and thats ok. And today I want to, and that's ok too. No?

Anyways, picking up from where I dropped off, here's 'Urban Hands' in pics..

The market was in a beautiful, exotic looking space, bang opposite the beach. This was my stall..

Here's the mad gypsy woman..

..with her cat..
(Edited to add - The above statements are untrue. Neither am I a gypsy woman nor is that my cat. There may be a slight bit of truth in the 'mad' part tho)

And here's the sweet young lady who designed my logo..

I had a great time at the event once the friends and relatives starting dropping in :-)..

A peek at some of my displayed quilts/runners/placemats..

Silly me didn't click pics of the rest of the stalls set up by the crème de la crème of Crafters in Chennai. This is the only one I have.. that's fellow DQ, Sudha, of 'Madras Motifs', also popularly called the bag lady :-)..

Good times. Good fun. Good friends. Good pics.

Kudos, Chennai Crafters. Looking forward to the next one !


  1. I'd be surprised if you'd had time to blog with making all those beautiful quilts and mats! Your stall looks wonderful :)

  2. I'm sure you have a great sense of achievement! Was waiting for the details!

  3. Rustic location. Perfect background to display your beautiful work!

  4. Hi, Tina. I agree that one should never apologize--and then you've been very busy. Beautiful quilts and mats--I especially like the big-print place mats.
    best, nadia

  5. Ooh Some great designing and execution there. With all the activity that you are upto online I am surprised you have time to stitch!

  6. Looks so fabulous.....I agree no apology necessary.

  7. Thanks for your words. I'll never apologize again, that's not an obligation to blog just for blogging. I love your quilts and the logo is beautiful. Haven't you think in make it in a quilt? Would be great!

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  9. Hi,

    I am Sheethal.S from Bangalore..just came across ur. blog..ur works are lovely...and so neat.. what is the batting piece u use...trying so many batting pieces...but ur work is so neat...would like to know what u use for batting...thank u..


    1. Hi Sheethal, I use cotton batting. Do join our group 'Desi Quilters' on Facebook for more info.