Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Second to None

A 2 year old UFO is finally done ! I started 3 similar quilts more than two years back for 3 cousins born within 3 months of each other. The first one, 'First among equals', for my then 9 year old, I completed immediately. Wait, let me show you a pic. and if you are wondering about jars and wolves, read here.


The second one however, took 2 years to complete. The bug jars were ready long back and 9 year old Gautam wanted a monkey waving hello. He even gave me a drawing of the said monkey, but it got buried somewhere. :-(

So the monkey got lost and our monkey Gautam, grew some. And then some more. Grew into a cheerful young lad with a passion for playing the guitar. Acoustic as well as Electric. So the quilt had some growing to do too. In dimensions as well as design.

The contents of the jars were chosen by him.

Lucky I found this guitar fabric in the perfect colours!

So, bound and bundled with love, off it went to the birthday boy.

Aww! Happy 11th Birthday Gowchi ! We love you !

And I'm sorry I couldn't make you a jar like this with your Akka and Didi inside, but we'll think up something else ! Something more evil :-)