Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Square Inch

So here it is..THE SQUARE INCH unveiled..!

Would love to give you a tour of my showroom-studio, a place exclusively for the needle-and-thread-crafter.

The centerpiece is, of course, the fabulous BERNINA display. We stock the entire range of Bernette and Bernina machines and accessories.

And the large workshop area where we regularly conduct workshops and classes on sewing, quilting, embroidery, crochet, tatting, etc. This space is perfect for live demos and product training. For those visiting from out of town, we provide comfortable homestay facilities. We also welcome other art and craft teachers to use this space for their workshops.

We provide the awesome BERNINA 3 series machines for our sewing and quilting workshops and the studio is fully equipped to handle international workshops of upto 16 in a batch.

Whats a studio without stuff to play with, right? So we made sure there was plenty of that. We stock everything that a needle/thread/fabric enthusiast would want.. Fabric by the meter, Precuts, Anchor embroidery threads, Quilting threads, Knitting yarns, Pony needles and hooks, Rulers, Self-Healing Mats, Fusibles, Aida, Patterns, Notions, Rotary Cutters, Quilt hangars, Stitch kits, etc., etc. AND we ship !

Yes, we have batting too !

Love these small touches that bring life to this beautiful space..

Love the festive lights and LOVE my wall grid..

The blue curtained space you see through the doorway is my personal office and workspace. Will show you around there in the next post.

My gratitude to my family for putting up with my crankiness while the studio was being set up in 12 days flat; to BERNINA for believing in me; to my friends who gave me their strength, support and shoulders. My heartfelt thanks to my friend and awesome designer Shailaja Unni, who helped me turn bricks and mortar to a place that is THE SQUARE INCH, a place full of positivity, good cheer and creative vibes.

So, drop in some time, folks. Find us on Facebook or drop me a mail at


  1. Awesome work Tina! Except for the bundles of cloth and rolls of wool, everything else is foreign to me. Stuff that looks like bangles is very colorful and intriguing. Next time I am in India, will make sure to attend couple of your workshops and wrap my head around a sewing machine - Bernina. Good luck and way to go girl!

  2. Bravo!! It was a pleasure to see your studio! Good Luck...& Best Wishes..

  3. And sometime I will see this all in the flesh! Beautiful Tina and wishing you the very best!

  4. wow Tina, this is really lovely, waiting to visit. Good Luck.

  5. Tina, that was nice to see your new venture. Hope to visit you when i'm in Chennai..

  6. Love getting a glimpse of your wonderful work/play space,Tina!

  7. Oh, so very jealous!!! Congratulations! It looks amazing!

  8. Beautiful studio, Tina!!! Cannot wait to visit!!!

  9. Oh my gosh, Tina. So many congratulations--What an exciting event! And to have all those beautiful (and useful) Bernina machines at your fingertips. I'm hyperventilating with envy! I may have to plan a trip to India!
    best, nadia

  10. Hearty Congrats Tina ! Wonderful to know that there is a one stop quilting shop like yours..... Waiting to visit..... Best wishes ! Surabhi

    1. Thank you Surabhi..pls do visit some time :-)

  11. Congrats on your absolutely lovely shop Tina! Now I know why you have been busy lately :-) May all your wishes come true!

  12. OH MY GOD!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Congratulations Tina!!! I only saw this today but I'm so so happy!!! :) Yaaaay!!!! The space is AWESOME!!!!

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  14. Hi, I would like to buy fabric and batting from your store online please help