Thursday, 6 November 2014

Flowers in my garden

Finished quilting this beauty for a client. I can't believe this is her first quilt. The stitching is so neat and the blocks, perfect.

Did lots of free motion quilting on this one after some SID around the green 'paths'; lotus buds in each of the four corners inside the squares and stippling all around them. I used the BSR, the patented Bernina Stitch Regulator, and it made the FMQ-ing so so so smooth. I must've saved boatloads in terms of effort and energy expended! And no shoulder pain ! I don't think I ever, EVER want to do FMQ without the BSR. Ever !

Finished the border with multiple wavy lines, done with a walking foot.

It has the most amazing texture and its a piece I can finally say I am proud of. Every quilt I do usually leaves me a wee bit dissatisfied, but this one, I'm pretty happy with ! :-)
Happy quilting ! Or whatevering !

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  1. It's beautiful, the colours,the pattern and the quilting is awesome!