Thursday, 1 March 2012

It was a dark & stormy night

It was a dark and stormy night. And we reached the lonely forest guest house in the middle of nowhere. It was dark, meaning pitch dark..that colour of black being something that cityfolks like us never knew existed. There were jungle sounds cutting thru pure silence. And we shivered. We were tired, we were hungry, we were scared. We were also with no food. The old man at the guesthouse had no idea we were expected. He had no provisions and the nearest habitation was a bumpy and dusty 45 minute drive away. The children ate leftover bread with melted chocolate while the driver offered to go get us provisions and then cook us a simple meal. For the record, none of us bravehearts offered to venture out and accompany the man! For the record, it was the most delicious meal of our lives!

The next morning we were presented with nature in all her glory. Pristine and jaw-droppingly beautiful. The jungle was every shade of green, and atop the tree trunks were these most fragile looking dew-petalled orchids. Strange ones too. It was an awesome holiday!

Whats all this gotta do with quilting? Well, The India Modern Quilt Guild has monthly challenges and the February Challenge asked of us to make a mini quilt depicting a memorable holiday. Woohoo! No prizes for guessing what I made ! Ta-da...!!

Its late and am off to bed. Shall come back tomorrow and talk about the quilt.

Sweet dreams/Have a nice day, depending on which side of the globe you are !

Btw my January entry for the IMQG challenge was voted winner. Nice!


  1. Oh wow! This one is JUST TOO PRETTY!! It's a sure prize winner! Feb challenge prize is all yours! :-) You sure are talented!

  2. Thats's looks realy great! And that will always remember you to the "great" start off the holiday!:-)
    Also thank you for the link you wrote on your blog to my blog. A lot of people from "new far away"countries visited mine blog!