Saturday, 3 March 2012

IMQG Feb 2012 Challenge

Like I was saying in my previous post, this was my entry for the Feb 2012 Challenge of the IMQG:

Here's how you recreate an old memory from a picture..

Step 1 : Choose pic. Audition fabric from stash.

Step 2: Snip the fabric up into small squares. No need to measure or rotary cut. Its a great exercise for venting out pent up anger :-). Referring to pic, draw a few basic shapes to help with the placement of the li'l square(ish) fabrics on the base fabric sandwich. Use basting spray to help keep them in place. (Bad idea, actually, but thats what I did). Start with the background colours and areas.

Step 3: Machine quilt, following the natural lines of the landscape.I quilted curves and squiggly lines for the  mountain slopes and ridges, and pebbles for rocks.

Step 4: Add the assorted green squares for the shrubs, again using the pic for reference.

Step 5: Try quilting the shrubs. By now your machine will decide to give up, sputter and die (remember I told you the basting spray was not too smart an idea?). So you make peace with whatever life throws at you and hand quilt with seed stitches (which is just a fancy name for randomly running your needle in and out!).

Step 6: Cut out the branch shapes from non-fraying fabric and stick/fuse them onto the quilted background coz you want the tree silhouette to be slightly raised and impart the scenery some depth.

Step 7: Since you have no hopes of duplicating the beauty of real orchids, you stitch on some pretty crystals instead.

Step 8: Add borders with the stich and flip method. (Strip piecing?) Cut the top border 2 " wider so that the back doubles up as a hanging sleeve.

Step 9: Step back and admire your finished piece !

Step 10 : Wish you had put a hanging sleeve on the side too, so you could change the orientation every once in a while. Or whenever bored. Looks like a surreal tree/landscape this way.

Step 11: Shoot pics to upload your entry for the challenge and then realise you've missed the deadline by a few measly hours !!

LOL. And that, my dear lovelies, is how we make a mini quilt.


  1. Tina! I love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing this! What a terrific post! You are a star. I loved the one introducing this post as well!!!! You have captured the magic of the moment! Well done!

  2. As always, love the write up (your blog posts are a treat)!!! and the quilt! keep them coming :)

  3. Wah, Quilt guru! Now this piece belongs to me! :-)

  4. lol! Sounds like some of my process too. :)

  5. Your February Challenge entry of this traditional patchwork quilt (am I right?) really!