Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Spots and Silence

In the last couple of months, I attended a quilt meet, I made a few quilty friends (for life I'm guessing), I churned out a few quilts, I had a few blogposts in mind, and I had a shock.

I had some cute spotty fabric and just for the heck of it, posted a pic of the fabric on my facebook wall asking if anybody would like to have a baby quilt custom made. To my surprise I had four requests and after a li'l thought, decided to make it for a friend's one and a half year old baby girl.

I whipped up this quilt in a week's time for this adorable child over whom the parents are understandably 'Totally Dotty'. The father came to pick up the quilt and as per his wishes I embroidered a couple of hearts and the nick name by which he called his child. He took it happily that evening. And the next morning he was dead :-(.

His heart had given out. A strapping young heart surgeon and his heart had betrayed him. My quilt was probably the last thing he gave his daughter..the last symbol of his love. And I have been so shaken by this that I have not dared to go anywhere near my sewing machine or even talk or blog about quilting :-(.

Now, as I gather my courage and send out yet another prayer for his family, the best I can do is post pics of the quilt which has so much of love bundled up within it. A quilt named 'Totally Dotty'.

Peace be with all.


  1. I was shocked when you told me that, hope the family has all the strength to face the loss.

  2. I am so sorry! so sad to read about your friend .the quilt is beautiful.

  3. OMG...that was really shocking...your quilt looks awesome Tina.

  4. VERY SHOCKING......let God give them full courage