Monday, 9 July 2012

Nice squares now

My previous adventure where I played with printed circles and turned squares into curves only whetted my appetite for more such adventure. So I thought why not play with printed stripes and turn triangles into squares. And thats exactly what I did. Came up with this baby boy quilt called 'Star Baby'. Its for my niece's 6 month old son who btw is the ONLY person to have received a second quilt from me so far. Its my wish that I make a quilt for every single person I care about. And my list is loooong. I guess its ok for a 6 month old star baby to occasionally jump the queue. :-)

All the square boxes are from the same printed striped fabric. 

Added a 6" mitred border in coordinated stripes. A first for me. The mitred corners I mean. In 6 inches! Feeling very proud happy about it :-).

A pieced back. Very

So sending the quilt off, bundled with much love and hugs..May the baby have many many happy adventures!


  1. The more I look at this quilt, the more amazed I am at how perfectly every corner lines up. You are truly a skilled seamstress!

  2. Tina, I didn't just like the quilt but I also love the way you've told the story !

  3. It is a lovely piece. Thanks for sharing the process as well!

  4. So awesome! Everything lines up so perfectly, it looks wonderful!

  5. Pretty, it looks great. What a clever way to make your squares, no one is equal to other.

  6. Wow, perfect piecing, those squares are fab