Monday, 23 July 2012

Of Bees 'n Blocks

There was once an online group that formed an online bee. All was well the first month or two. And then the hive broke and the bees scattered. But not before I got my share of the honey. Lucky me, yes.

Taking a cue from Marianne Haak (of The Quilting Edge), an enormously talented and fun quilter, I decided I too want to play with shot cottons. Even more so for this, right here, is THE land of shot cottons. We call them Kanchi Cotton here as this sort of weaving originated in Kancheepuram, a small town not far from Chennai. Yes, same place where the world famous Indian Kancheepuram silk sarees come from.

Not happy with just a cue, I decide I want that Marianne Haak look too. I ask Marianne for permission and she very kindly agrees. So I send my bee members scraps in 5 assorted, randomly put together colours with the only instructions being...hop over to 'The Quilting Edge', get inspired, and make me a block! :-)

And make they did! Thank you ladies. I love them ALL. And thank you Marianne, from ALL of us. You have been a great source of inspiration.










Lucky me, yes? :-)


  1. All your blocks are wonderful, surely your quilt will be stunning with that inspiration! Can't wait to see it finished...

  2. Wow! You got some really cool blocks there that will make a fantastic quilt project.

  3. Thanks for your kind words. The blocks you received are amazing. Sorry to hear the group didn't continue on..

  4. Oh, gosh, these are fab, off to stalk the inspiration now!

  5. Sorry to hear your hive broke. The blocks you've received are amazing though. I'll look forward to seeing them made into a quilt :)

  6. Hi, Tina. You're showing beautiful blocks. It'll be interesting to see what you do with them. I also really liked your peacock feather block--it's an eye-catcher!
    best, nadia