Saturday, 12 January 2013

Flower Power

Sometimes things just fall in place. When the time's right, everything just sorta comes together by itself. I've been wanting to document my pre-blog quilts for a really long time but havent done so coz..well, I really have no good reason, actually. Does 'laziness' qualify? :-)

So my good friend Chumkie is holding a linky party over at her blog, My favourite things and this week's theme is 'Appliqued quilts' and I think, hey, finally the time's right to document this piece I made (in October 2011)  for a friend's fiesty 9 year old daughter...a quilt with flower power..

The 12 freehand flower motifs were first appliqued onto these huge circles (dunno what I was thinking!) which were then appliqued on to the pieced maroon background (again, dunno what I was thinking !!). To reduce bulk, the circle backs were cut out. Turns out I wasn't thinking very much as I decided to hand quilt the thing !!

Some laborious hand quilting along the stripes in the background fabric, some embellishment with two-tone ric-rac lace..


..and all bundled with love and sent off to princess Anaga.

Linking this up Chumkie. Thanks for helping things fall in place :-)


  1. I'm sorry, I thought I read appliqué on appliqué and hand quilted. Blogger must have messed with your post as no one would be *that* insane would they? Beautiful quilt though, hope she appreciates it!

  2. It is beautifully made....I'm sure she loved it!!!!

  3. Wow, all that work done by hand! Really appreciate you linking this in.

  4. This is fantastic quilt! I glad you found a chance to blog about it and show us :)