Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Pink Posies - 2

This is totally dumb. I just named my latest quilt Pink Posies 2. Yes, there was a Pink Posies 1 and I am JUST realizing that I never got around to posting the pics on the blog ! Shame on me ! Will do it tomorrow.

Anyway, a dear friend of mine was going though my quilt pics on Facebook and decided she wanted something like Pink Posies 1 for her daughter and asked me if I could make her one. Well, yes and no. I like trying out different techniques and styles and try to make no two quilts alike. So using that one (pic tomorrow, promise) as an inspiration, I made this one as I wanted to try out my brand new Dresden Ruler.

Four flowers, a couple of buds, a couple of pretty butterflies, some swaying blades of grass and its a perfect quilt for a li'l girl.

Love the texture created by the FMQed grass..

Diagonally pieced back to incorporate the princess fabric that my friend loved. A word of advice for those wanting to attempt a diagonal pieced back - DON'T. It gave me such a hard time !

Appliqued the li'l darling's name on the back.

Even put my label there! First time :-)

Here it is in all its glory in my studio. Love love love !


  1. Very pretty ! Thanks for the tip about the diagonal back - advice AND a giggle!!!!!

  2. Love the label idea Tina! Beautiful quilt. Beautiful design.