Monday, 22 September 2014

Sun Bonnet Sew

Sun Bonnet Sew, in my studio 'The Square Inch :-)

Well, personally I've never had a thing for Sun Bonnet Sue and was pretty sure I'd never ever make one. But then the Universe has a way of teaching you lessons you don't wanna learn ! So, in walks a client with a half finished hand-appliqued Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt, passed on to her by her mother.

The appliques were all done individually and then the blocks hand sewn on to commercial quilted fabric. She asked if I could finish it as a wall hanging and with the Navrathris almost here, she wanted to use it as a back drop to her Puja Golu.

We didn't have much time to give it some pizzazz, so just sashed it with some printed fabric, added some cornerstones, bound it and attached a hanging sleeve.

Hope I have just justice to the beautiful hand applique and turned a mom's UFO into a treasured heirloom for the daughter.

This one is my favourite. Oh wait, I thought I didn't have a thing for them ! Oh well, who can resist them, I guess. Lesson learnt ! :-).


Am guessing the li'l dollies will complement the Golu Dolls quite nicely. Hoping.

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  1. Tina you have really changed the look of the quilt. The floral sashing and the corner stones it looks lovely.
    I too never had a liking to sun bonnet sue ever.