Thursday, 16 October 2014

GOOTRing the Bees

Best thing about Project GOOTR is that it will allow me to finish off some UFOs too. The small ones at least. So here are GOOTR project no.s 4 and 5, which also happen to be long pending Bee Blocks for my quilting group, 'Desi Quilters'.

GOOTR project #4 - The DQ web block for Caroline


GOOTR project #5 - Random riot block for Varsha
We have had two bees so far in our group and while on the subject, I might as well show you the other blocks that I have made for the queen bees over the last year. Or was it the year before ?! 0_0
Here are my 'Bee Desi' blocks:
Modern block for Vidya1
Also for Vidya1
And one totally carried away by the 'modern' theme
Polaroid blocks for Brinda
Sailing boats for Nirmala
Twin stars for Elvira
Scrappy Strings n 4 patch for Sandhya
Mod mosaic for Madhu
Tumbling blocks for Medha
Ohio star for Sandhya2
Scrappy rainbow for Shalini
And of course, the two that you have already seen before, but which I shall still go ahead and post here to complete the set, coz I have just a wee bit of OCD.
Zingy for Veena
And Drunk love for Vidya2
That's it for now. Will show you the 'Sunny Bee' blocks another day. Soon. Until then, stay happy !

(OMG...I also have some pending 'Star of Africa' Bee blocks to complete. Soon. Soon.)

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