Wednesday, 19 October 2011

O happy day !

Any day that I finish a quilt is a happy one. If I get to finish one AND start another one, its a happier day. But its the happiest when I do that and that, AND have the pleasure of watching a quilt reach the person it was made for. Today was a happy day of the third degree.

Speaking of happiness, we (hubby, 2 kids and myself) used to have a dinnertime ritual - each of us would declare/describe a happy moment/incident/thought/whatever that happened during the day and the rest of us would join in the celebration with whoops and table thumping and various jungle-cries. This trivial but life-affirming ritual has kinda been ignored the last few months. I think its time to revive it. 

And speaking of quilts, I finished one today but can't post pics until the 1st of Nov. Thats when it will be handed over to the birthday baby. Anyways, the girls and I did a 'victory lap' in it all around the house :-). Also started the next one...140 pieces in 10 different fabrics..all cut and pinned. Pics soon. Also had the pleasure of watching a friend's daughter snuggle up in her brand new quilt. Pics tomorrow if the mom okays.

Have a happy day !

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