Saturday, 22 October 2011

A quilt named 'Love, luck and happiness'

I'd like to make that someday. A quilt named 'love, luck & happiness'. Sounds so complete an idea of life. But having no luck visualizing that into a quilt. Since 50% of the followers of this blog at the moment are quilters, maybe I should ask them for ideas. So, Aliya, what do you think? Maybe I'll ask the non-quilting 50% too. So, Shiva, what do you think? :-)

Here's a completed block of the stained glass quilt that I am working on :
Wishing everyone loads of love, luck and happiness !


  1. For me, any quilt named happiness wud have to be full of bright n pretty spring colours and a lot of lovely applique with simple patchwork (it shud be a breeze for you, considering how good u r with applique!).

  2. Aliya, thanks. Shall keep that in mind when I am ready to start on it :-). Do send me pics of whatever you are currently working on.