Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Its a bird! Its a plane!, its FMQ!!

Now why isn't this....

...looking like THIS?....

Yup, more practice needed. But whats practice without some play? :-)

Now that looks kinda cool I think. Maybe this is how I'll make my final block for the 2012 FMQ challenge this month. (button on the right --->) Of course, AFTER I practice some :-).

Happy playing!


  1. Nice! I'm still drawing mine on paper, haven't got the courage up to try out on my sewing machine yet - my leaves are kind of "wobbly" looking LOL! Great job!

  2. LOVE feeding your fish!!! where did you get that??? Your FMQ is a lot better than mine :)

  3. That is a great idea, looks nice. Acryl colors? I didn`t start yet.

  4. Love the painted version. Excellent idea.

  5. Looks like you were having fun.... I need way more practice!!