Friday, 13 January 2012

Shutting up and wiggling

I rather like Leah's Mantra - 'Shut up and quilt'. So without further ado, here's my second attempt at shutting up and wiggling..

(Here's my first if you want to take a look)

I wiggled up and I wiggled down and I wiggled all around. I found myself agreeing with Leah on...
-my machine feels better with the feed dogs up
-my hands really ARE better at certain curves than others and I need to practice getting my machine to match that
-I tend to get lost/stuck with random wiggling and prefer some method in the madness instead.

Now that I had wiggled a bit, I felt tempted to do the same with the leaf pattern that I was trying to learn as part of the 2012 FMQ challenge...

Leaves? Heart? Butts? Never mind :-). I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it. Now all that I need to do is perfect it :o).

Linking this up with Quilt Along Wednesdays on Leah's Free Motion Quilting Project. Loving it!!


  1. Nice Job Tina! Do you know the technik "meanderen" it's very nice to do! Here you can see it in close-up:

  2. That looks great. It's a good idea to practice the leaves in rows. Maybe I will try that.

  3. Both nice examples, Tina. I, too, found having the feed dogs up and the stitch length zero to be just what I needed to eliminate thread problems. So what project are you going to quilt next? Look foward to seeing it.

  4. Looking good! Keep up the good work!

  5. so nice to see your progress in fmq...

  6. Funny, I have often thought of some of my stuff looking like butts too....loved seeing your FMQ

  7. Nice work. I still haven't tried the leaves from the still wiggling away with Leahs teaching.

  8. Awesome stitching! It's a really good idea to apply the same idea to both tutorials because if it works best for your brain to stitch in a logical row with stippling, chances are you'll be able to stitch other designs better this way too. Great job!

  9. Hi, Tina. Now your quilting looks so lovely and under control. I like the hearts. My quilt looks like scribbling and is very wobbly! Oh well, I like to zoom on the machine and have fun.
    best, nadia