Monday, 2 January 2012

And I thought I was ready

Its Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts and unlike last time, this time I'm all ready and waiting.

Or so I think. Ha!  Now they tell me I can also showcase my entire year's finishes if I like!! Like? I would've loved to do that but I absolutely refuse to not use my mosaic of December's finishes! Yes, the one that I had already prepared a day in advance and was all ready with!! Anyways, here it is :-)..ta-da...

Ok, ok, that's a cheat mosaic. Its only actually two quilts. On the left is First among Equals and on the right, Bundle of Joy.

This year, I seem to have bitten off more than I can chew. Yet again. I have signed up for three (or was it four?) monthly challenges, so am hoping to learn a lot and have many more finishes for my 2012 Fresh Sewing Day mosaics :-).

Happy sewing!


  1. Just keep plugging along on those monthly challenges. You CAN do it! I have found that if I use a timer during my limited sewing time, it helps me manage working on multiple things. For instance if I only have an hour, I might do the free motion challenge for 20 minutes, then I might cut fabrics for my UFO challenge for the next 20, then I chain piece for 20 minutes. You have to me disciplined enough to listen to the timer. And yes, sometimes it seems like I am not finishing anything, but at least I've worked on 3 things which is the point of the monthly challenges - practice and progress, right?

  2. Wow! 2 great quilts in one month! You are very productive. Your jar quilt is beautiful and very special and the Bundle of Joy quilt is wonderful. You are very creative!

  3. Hi there - wow, well done on signing up for those monthly challenges! The quilts are lovely, I like the jars one too :o)

  4. Great 2 quilts! I cheated too, adding some that were not from this last year...
    See you soon at the FMQ challenge too!