Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fussy Love

Ever since I made this block for one of the Bees of my FB group 'Desi Quilters', I've been wanting to do a full quilt in those colours (yes, orange and pink, don't laugh) and that pattern (Denyse Schmidt's Drunk love in a log cabin, again, don't laugh).

I am just looking at the dates realizing this was made exactly a year back.. in September 2012 ! O.M.G. !! Is it too late to blog about it?

Anyway, since this was to be for a friend's lovely li'l girl, I bravely went ahead with the pink and orange colour scheme and gave the blocks some interest by fussy cutting the centers. Therefore the name. Not bad I think. The quilt, not the name. Actually the name too.'s pretty late in the night and I'm beginning to not make much sense, so I better let the pics do the talking.

Ta-da...Fussy Love..

The orange logs are at 1" wide and by the time I was done with them I was ready to burn the whole cottage cabin down. And so to save my sanity  the quilt, the pink logs were cut half an inch wider and thank heavens for that !

Why? So many seams ! So very many seams !! Thats why.

Luckily I had with me this gorgeous print for the backing which was like a match made in heaven.

And here's my little elf cum model, helping me with the photoshoot. Oh, you should see her when she's grumpy.

Like here..

Isn't she adorable? Fussy Love indeed :-)


  1. oh i love those colours, but oh gosh, such narrow strips!

  2. This is beautiful. Those colours really work well together. It makes me feel happy just to look at it.