Friday, 13 September 2013

'The Log Cabin Cousins' Workshop

Workshops are addictive. Ask the folks who attended my previous one. No sooner had they recovered from the first one, than they were thirsting for punishment again ! And so off to Bangalore I went.This time we tackled the many variations of the log cabin, ranging from the traditional to the modern.

Guess I'll let the pics do the talking..

Or maybe I'll talk a bit too. Like any blue blooded quilter, the minute Pooja picked me up from the station, off we went to pay our respects to Oklipoo !

Here's my adorable class listening to my talk on the history of log cabins. Or at least, seeming to.

Started them off with a traditional log cabin with a red hearth, pieced the traditional way on a foundation. And Pooja just HAD to break into a jig on finishing the first block. Its not her fault. Its her Himachali genes.

And Smita followed soon, officially graduating from her 'novice'status.

This is li'l Gowri, full of enthusiasm. And a hundred questions.

Shwetha's machine was a sight for sore eyes. Easily kept up with the fancy ones too.

Varsha, with her neat piecing and ready smile.

And our host, sweet sweet Nikhat. Didn't need a workshop, but played along all the same. Proud. Just look at 'em blocks !

We were graced with a visit by none other than Ms.Leela Cherian, the amazing quilt artist. Her words of encouragement filled our souls.

And Nikhat, our gracious host, filled our bellies. With the most delicious food. At regular intervals !

Aww..see my girls, hard at work..

Hard at play too..

Love my horns. The above pic was miraculously captured in a rare moment of stillness and non-blurryness. Sample this..

Well, cheers !

Some awesome street food the next morning.. (Poo, we need to go there again.)

Thanks Shwetha for the beautiful terracotta ear rings. She made them herself !

Oh, here's what's behind us on the design wall..

Lovely, no? And then around lunchtime on day 2, everybody started slipping into a food fatigue induced stupor and it took a "Pack Up" bellow threat to get everybody moving their as.. machines.

We also did a small session on block arrangement and design development. A bit of show and tell too. And more tea and cake, of course !

Thanks Nikhat, for having us. Thanks Damayanthi, for dropping in. Thank you girls, for making the workshop enjoyable. Proud of y'all !