Monday, 23 September 2013

Ovie's Window

There are still a few quilts that I haven't documented and this is was one of them. Made wayyyy back in Jan 2011. Okay its not all that long back but it was right in the beginning of my quilting journey.

Knowing of my obsession with fabric and my new found love for quilting, a dear friend gifted me this awesome book called 'Material Obsession' by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke. Inscribed inside was, " Dear Tina, Just a bribe for my first personalized designer quilt :-)", signed by Ovie, the adorable (then) 2 year old daughter of said friend. Well, of course I had to make one rightaway. From. the. book.

In the book was this cute pattern called 'Holiday Morning'.

 I added to the design idea and came up with this quilt for li'l Ovie.

The tree branches are pieced; the leaves, flowers and birdies are appliqued and the words embroidered.

 It was fun playing around with the leaves and birdies, trying to give each block a different look.

The sashing was a disaster tho. I wanted it to look like wooden window frames and instead, it ended up looking like a lepeord had swallowed the poor birdies ! Didn't stop me from naming the quilt 'Ovie's window'  :-).

I hand quilted around the appliques and the rest I stitched in the ditch by machine.

And so it was sent off to Ovie, all bundled with love, eagerly awaiting her verdict. She loved it. Phew.

Just spoke with her daddy today and I think it's time Ovie, who is not so little anymore, got another personalized designer quilt. :-)

Love you, Ovie. God bless !


  1. Thats a beautiful quilt, Tina! I love that you added the little texts! And yes you're right about that leopard fabric!

  2. Loved your take on the sashings. The birds are cute and yes they do look different. Loved the quilt leopard notwithstanding!

  3. Lovely quilt, Tina! Your talent never ceases to amaze me!

  4. Your quilt is so gorgeous! I have enjoyed looking round your blog - your sense of humour shines through your words! Thanks for sharing. xCathy

  5. Beautifully done. I have this book also. I completed a quilt this year from one of Sarah's books - it took me two years to finish but has been worth it.