Friday, 4 November 2011

Adjust, Improvise, Adapt, Evolve

As with life, so with quilting.

After a long, hard look at my mis-sized rainy day quilt blocks, I decide to trim them all to the smaller size. I know the scrap-elf is being naughty again coz the blocks keep becoming smaller and smaller and the pile of discarded trimmings, bigger and bigger! Now the only option I have is to add a sashing. Unless I want it to end up as a crib quilt. Which I don't. So something that was supposed to look like this...

...ends up looking like this...

Hmmn. I like the sashing. The red kind of balances the bright pink and green. Good. It'll still too bright though. Am afraid the receipient will need to wear a pair of sunglasses. Maybe I'll tone it down a bit with a sober border. Hmmn.

Put together this palette for a friend who loves turquiose blue and fuschia pink :

Oh wait, isn't it similar to the rainy day quilt palette? I guess I love it too. More than I realize. :-)

So, adjust, improvise, adapt, evolve. Happily. 


  1. I'm on the lookout for some great turquoise prints for a friends daughter. those colors look real jazzy together.

  2. Hey mindingmomma, thanks:-). You made my day by leaving me a comment. As you can see, I am a novice blogger(3 weeks old) as well as a novice quilter(1 year old). So the fact that you, from the other side of the Earth, actually read my blog and cared to comment has me thrilled to bits. Now, since am not sure if you will see this here, am gonna hop over to your blog and cut-paste it there too! Cheers!!