Wednesday, 9 November 2011

East meets West

Been itching to make a stained glass quilt for a long time. Managed to lay my hands on some suitable fabric and was raring to go. Picked a simple enough pattern off the net. But the next in the 'make-me' list was a quilt I wanted to gift a friend's parents who are to visit soon. They are Germans who happen to be total Indophiles and I want to make them an 'Indian' quilt. I ask my friend what they like best about India as I jot down their favs on a paper napkin-
- The beach
- The colours
- Pongal (a harvest festival where a symbolic offering to the Sun God is made by boiling rice in a new clay pot. It is allowed to boil over as a thanks for agricultural abundance. Freshly harvested sugarcane is also part of the offering)
- Tamil film songs
- The beautiful ladies with lovely long braided hair
- The dance festival at Mahabalipuram
- Guindy park
- The sun
- The autorikshas
- The markets
- The elephants, the cows, and what have you

What, oh what, do I make?
Stained glass quilt? Or Indian quilt? Stained glass? Or Indian?


Two birds, one stone, eh? I hope they like my fusion 'East meets West' wall quilt. (Baggage restrictions, so it had to be a wall quilt rather than a king size one). There was one lovely pink fabric which wouldn't go anywhere, so guess what I did? Inserted it in the back, of course!

I should learn how to make labels. Anyways, here's a peek at my turquoise blue-fuschia pink WIP..

The best thing about finishing a quilt is you can start on another one :-)

Happy endings! Happy beginnings! :-)


  1. Beautiful :-)
    Bet your friend's parents are gonna love it.

  2. Nice colours and beautiful quilt.

    Greetz from Holland

  3. Aliya, thankyou. I sure hope so. Crossing all fingers. And toes :-).

  4. Annemieke, thank you so much. I love your name btw.

  5. Oh! I totally love this! great work, Tina. Stumbled on your blog from IMQG on facebook. glad to find a quilter in Chennai.

  6. Thanks Josie, you knotty gal! Love your work. Am not much of a knitter myself though I do some crochet.(You seem to be a noreply blogger so cudn't reply directly to you.) Keep in touch :-). My sis lives in Bangalore too.

  7. Hi tina,
    loved ur work its very inspiring m just a fresher in quilting more or less a beginner
    ur new follower