Friday, 25 November 2011

Murphy's Quilting Laws

Yes, they exist. Murphy's Laws of Quilting. And you experience quite a variety of them if you are a novice quilter seeking the path of greater quiltdom. Like, for instance, 'If there is a better way of doing something, you will learn of it only when you are already halfway thru your project'. I learnt today (yeah, halfway thru my project) that if I am making snowballs by attaching little square pieces to the corners, I do not, nay, I must not snip off both layers on piecing them (pic on left). Snipping just the small square after a seam allowance and then folding it open leaves the block nicer, firmer and unskewed (pic on right).

Oh well, better late than never I guess.

W.I.P. progresses despite Murphy and his laws:

Bug jars!! With lots of non-bugsy stuff too :-).

Happy weekend !


  1. I guess this method is good when the corner squares are tiny, otherwise most of the tutorials i've seen online for snowballs require cutting away both fabrics...infact, if another seam is stiched on the other side, the resulting HSTs can be used for a whole other project!!!! Cute bug jars by the way :-)

  2. Aliya, u r right. I've tried both and it is definitely worth it to use this method for smallish corners. Becomes too bulky for bigger corners.I have a whole bundle of the 'otherside HSTs' which will hopefully become potholders some day :-).