Wednesday, 2 November 2011


That's the name of the quilt I made for my evergreen Mother-in-law for her 65th birthday and that's a pic of the birthday baby all happy and cozy in it :

She is one awesome person; wise, caring, selfless, hardworking; all that and much more. Very inspiring. My good karma I guess, to have her as a MIL. The green is for her evergreen-ness, the brown for how grounded she is, and the pink for the little girl in her. Her home decor, of course, is also green :-).

Got the pattern idea from a 'ten minute block' video I stumbled upon on youtube. Some more pics:

Now that this one's done, itching to start a new one. Wish me luck :-)


  1. Time you changed the "wannabe quilter" to "accomplished quilter" in your profile! Absolutely love the pattern...and the quilt...also love the way the blocks have been framed/sashed.

  2. A quiick coupla questions...
    - wat size are the finshed blocks?
    - and finshed quilt size?

  3. Aliya, thanks a lot. I still have a long way to go :-). The blocks are 9" square and with the frame (2 sides to each block) finish at 11.5". Forgot to measure the finished quilt but I generally aim for 76x58. Or thereabouts :-).