Sunday, 11 December 2011

Bundle of Joy

Finished my first QAYG quilt. Dedicating it to Marianne, the queen of QAYG. Calling it 'Bundle of Joy'. Its for a coming-soon-granchild (grand/great niece/nephew in the West?). No, am not yet the grandmomma age, but we have large families in India. At least we used to. My parents' generation typically had anywhere between 4 to 8 siblings and for my grandparents' generation 6 to 12 was the norm. The number reduced to 2-3 by the time my generation was..well, produced. And now, single-child families are more common than not. Still, families are close knit and many a times live together. So its not at all strange to find cousins, neices and nephews and sometimes grandchildren all being born simultaneously! Especially if one comes from a long line of middle-born ancestors. Like me. Results in middle aged folks having 5 year old Uncles/Aunts and a young 39 year ol' like me having 5 year old grandchildren!! Love it :-).

Anyways, here's the finished quilt. The design was inspired by a photo I happened to see for a couple of seconds of somebody's stall at a quilt market while flipping thru pics online. It is not an exact replica but if I knew whose original design it was, I'd thank them from the bottom of my heart. It lent itself very well to the QAYG technique, and the parents-to-be looove it.

Every bundle needs a ribbon and a bow, right?

Quilted with a 3-stitch zig-zag in straight rows, two rows for each colour.

Straight line stitching on the ribbon part :

And here's the back :

Heh heh, the quilting lines on the bow are not perfect I see..

I used the same colour threads for the front and back so the coloured zig-zags  on the back give it a cute baby look:

All bundled with love..

One last look before it goes to its new family..

 Can't wait for the newest addition to the family. I meant my grandchild-to-come :-). And a new quilt, of course :-).

Happy waiting !


  1. It looks great....a quilt dedicated to me, wow, that's a first.

  2. Lovely!I love the colors you've chosen and the backing fabric is just gorgeous!

  3. Oh wow ... Just came across your blog surfing through quilting blogs in India.. (being a new quilter and blogger mysel :) ).... and thats a beautiful quilt....

  4. Lovely! one cute quilt,love the colours you chose too.. one day I'll also learn to lemme learn basics of sewing!

  5. Lovely baby quilt! It's the perfect project
    link in to this week’s theme of Baby Quilts!