Sunday, 25 December 2011

The secret and the elusive foot

I have stumbled upon the quilting world's best kept secret...Quilting is only a measly one-fifth part of QUILTING!! Who would've thought that to be a good quilter involves :
a) One-fifth Math. Yes, even if you are a very free-spirited crazy-quilting (no pun intended) kinda quilter.
b) One-fifth Photography. Yes, even if it is with a miserable 2 MP phone camera. You just HAVE to shoot your work (again no pun intended) as it progresses.
c) One-fifth Screen-Staring. Yes, even if its called blogging, blog-hopping, pinteresting, flick(r)ing (nope, no pun) ideas off the web.
d) One-fifth Ironing. Yes, very very pressing matter (No really, no pun intended at all).

So I guess if I just spruce up on that minor one-fifth bit that is quilting, I shall be well on my way to being a great quilter :-).

Well, the thing is, I'm basically a straight line walking foot kinda quilter. Not out of choice really, but because I don't yet know how to FMQ. Again, not out of choice, but because I couldn't get my hands on a compatible FMQ foot for my machine !! Most elusive, that foot. After days, nah, months of looking, I finally convinced a retailer that he HAD to get me these fancy feet. And he did! And I bought them all!! So here's my progress at FMQing:

Day 1: I just admire my feet and can't get enough of looking at them:

Day 2: I have no idea what I am doing, but boy, am I happy doing it !

Day 3: Ok, I plan a bit. The sandwich has no intention of listening to me though:

Day 4: I watch a few videos of Leah Day from The free motion quilting project and try again:

Ah well, hope floats. Some day I shall be good. For now I'm just glad I still wanna keep learning something new.

Happy learning, people! Hope you had/have a great Christmas!!

P.S.: My stumbling on the secret may not have had anything to do with the elusive foot.


  1. Hi, Chennai. I had the same problem with fancy feet--couldn't find them. I finally clipped out the center of a plastic foot which opened it up a bit. Works ok. I've enjoyed looking over your blog and quilts...and you're right about the fact that there a lot of things to do when "quilting".
    Have a happy stitching holiday!
    best from Tunisia,

  2. Tina..your fmq looks are going to master it soon

  3. Seriously Tina, u seem to have already got a hang of the thing (FMQ). Itching to give it a which is the foot to use (darning?) Also does the sandwich move easy wen not using a walkin foot ?

  4. You need to tell us who this kind retailer is.. I'd love to get these feet for my Usha Janome too.. Love your adventurous spirit with FMQ..