Friday, 9 December 2011

Gratitude of another kind

Gratitude is not always for the things one has. It's also good to be thankful for what one doesn't have. Saw a list of 'Things I don't have and don't want' on somebody's blog (I forget whose. But if you are reading this,  then thanks for the nudge) and that set me off on my own list :

Things I'm glad I don't have:
1.Interfering in-laws
2.Talent for sports
5.Love for cooking
6.Fondness for anything stronger than wine
7.Need to stay out of trouble
8.Supreme patience
9.Mistrust of people
10.Spin n span n sterile home
11.A thong

I suggest everyone make a list of what they don't have, don't want, and are glad about it. Puts life in perspective.

On the quilting front, am trying my hand at some QAYG after some pretty heavy inspiration from MariQuilts of The Quilting Edge. She has a lovely tutorial or two on QAYGs.

Happy list making !

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